Change Starts With You

A driving impaired or distracted incident changes lives far beyond those who were killed or injured - the ripples spread far and wide.

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Victim Impact Panels (VIP) are held four times a year in two locations; Walker, MN & Milaca, MN.

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DRIVE RIGHT 365’s purpose is to promote education to prevent impaired driving, distracted driving and the lack of seat belt use on our roads. Victim Impact Panels include victims and offenders that provide their unique perspective as to how impaired driving has impacted their lives.
Our goal is to show the effects of impaired driving on people in your own community. We hope that you will remember a name, a face, a picture, or a story, so that the next time you are faced with the decision to drive impaired or ride with someone who is, you will STOP and THINK about your CHOICES.


Seeing the impact on the life changing circumstances. Knowing that could have been my family (died) or me as the killer (driver).

I know better to drink and drive and I do not want to hurt anyone or myself.

A split second of distraction can change your life; be more responsible human being and be aware.