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Very sad, touching, meaningful story. Very informative. Makes you really think about what could happen in a split second. Things could happen anyways but drinking/drugs/texting, etc., should not be in the picture. His story tells it all. It could of been my family. I could of been the one out there killing people. Thank God … Read more

Really an eye-opener and heartfelt story

Everything you have can be taken from you in one second and you can be the cause of someone else’s life changing by making a bad decision.

Taken from you in one second

I think this could actually be used for people to see before their license. It is good for others to see that choices affect more than themselves.

Choices affect more than themselves

My biggest takeaway is to: think before you act. I feel this a great thought to have in all daily actions, whether it be alcohol, drugs, or just daily life. Your actions and what you do can greatly change your life or someone else’s.

Think before you act